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Program News

Why did you decide to partner with Future Earth?

In his position within Future Earth, Josh Tewksbury (2013) initiated the conversations with Chris Field and the Advisory Board, seeing the synergy between the two programs. As a global network of scientists, researchers and innovators collaborating for a sustainable planet, Future Earth provides a strong, international platform with the capacity and reach to support the growth of this program here in North America and around the world. Together we can scale the impact of academic researchers to solve sustainability challenges by co-designing and internationalizing our leadership training. 


If I’m a Leopold Leadership Fellow, will I become an Earth Leadership Fellow?

No, only fellows who are selected for future cohorts will be Earth Leadership Fellows. We will continue to recognize you as a Leopold Leadership Fellow. That said, we would like to do everything possible to connect new cohorts to previous cohorts, as the mission and content of the Earth Leadership Program comes directly from the Leopold Leadership Program. To that end, our web-based list of fellows and our listserv will include both Leopold Leadership Fellows and Earth Leadership Fellows, and we will turn to all cohorts, from both programs, as we build links and support the work all of you are doing—individually and collectively.



Why are you changing the name?

Our aim is to support regional networks of engaged academic leaders around the world, as well as in North America, and to connect these networks under a common purpose. To do that work with credibility and legitimacy internationally, we need a global banner under which to gather. It was from this starting point that the Leopold Leadership Advisory Board, working closely with the Future Earth Advisory Committee, landed on the new name, Earth Leadership Program. You will note that the new logo hues are close to the original logo. This is not accidental; we remain committed to the fundamental principles that have made the Leopold Leadership Program so transformative: interdisciplinary learning, building future leaders empowered to collaborate and innovate, and strengthening the connections among all of our scholars—past, present, and future—in the service of solution-focused, engaged sustainability research. 


What will it mean to expand? Will we still have North American cohorts?

Yes, we intend to continue offering the program in North America, contingent on being able to secure funding. We are still in the early stages of planning our outreach to international audiences and will keep you informed.


Will the eligibility requirements be the same?

Yes, we are seeking applicants who are mid-career, academic researchers who focus on environmental and sustainability issues. You will find more information about the program here.

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