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Training for 2022 North American Cohort Set for June

After making the decision last year to postpone the 2021-22, now 2022-23, North American Cohort of the Earth Leadership Program due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are very excited to gather with our cohort of 22 fellows from across the US, Mexico and Canada. The training session is happening at Wingspread, a conference center in Racine, Wisconsin from 12-18 June.

The Earth Leadership Program provides outstanding academic researchers with the skills, approaches, and theoretical frameworks for catalyzing change to address the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges, emphasizing new forms of individual and collective leadership. The program enables scientists to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders and become agents of change within and beyond their universities.

The Earth Leadership Program is led by Dr. Sharon Collinge, a 2004 Leopold Leadership Fellow and full professor in the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Colorado Boulder. “I’m really excited to meet and learn from such a diverse group of people with amazing expertise in so many critical aspects of environmental change research,” says Sharon. “These fellows are leaders at the forefront of research and innovation to create a more positive trajectory for our planet’s future. One of their biggest challenges is to find a balance between that imperative to act quickly, and the need for creating deep and authentic partnerships in society to truly accelerate systemic and durable change,“ said Sharon.

Margaret Krebs is the Program Designer of the Earth Leadership Program who will co facilitate this year’s training. “The training provides a unique opportunity to put aside the daily routines in order to imagine, reflect, listen with curiosity to one another, and ask “what if…”, says Margaret.

Click here to learn more about the 2022 North American Cohort, why they do the research that they do, and what they are hoping to gain from the program.

About the Earth Leadership Program

After 20 years of success in training over 200 sustainability leaders in North America, the Leopold Leadership Program re-launched as the Earth Leadership Program in March 2020. The new program is a partnership between Future Earth, the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the University of Colorado Boulder. It aims to support regional networks of collaborative academic leaders around the world, as well as in North America, and to connect these networks under a common purpose.

The Earth Leadership Program remains committed to the fundamental principles that have made the Leopold Leadership Program so transformative: interdisciplinary learning, building future leaders empowered to collaborate and innovate, and strengthening the connections among scholars – past, present, and future – in the service of solution-focused, engaged sustainability research.


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